2030 perspectives : sustainability of the agrifood chain from fork to farm

11 Apr 2023

11:00 - 12:00 (CEST)


Aurora is a European initiative meant to build a dynamic at EU level on the topics of Food safety, Food Quality and Food Sustainability.

Through different events and roadshows across Europe, the objective is to set-up a network of interest, to share views and to identify innovation ideas for cross-border collaborations. In this webinar series, the AURORA consortium intends to address the issue of sustainability in the agri-food industry.

This concept is becoming increasingly important, as energy prices soar, and the environmental impact of industrial activities is increasingly questioned. The end consumer is rightly concerned about the impact of his purchase. So what is a sustainable agri-food industry in 2030? What notions, what regulations and especially what changes are behind this term? At what scales should we rethink our industries? 

Awareness of the impact of global warming and the responsibility of anthropogenic GHG (Green House Gas) emissions have contributed to the adoption of regulations to reduce GHG emissions. Initiatives such as the Green House Protocol (GHP) offer a framework to identify action levers to reduce GHG emissions within companies but also to control the part linked to supply, in this case upstream agriculture.

Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation and the AURORA consortium propose to address the issue of sustainability in the agri-food industry through a cycle of three webinars with International speakers. These webinars will be coanimated with Mews Partners, a management consulting firm, focusing on industry in Europe and having a specific offer to address sustainability in agri-food industry.

2030 perspectives: sustainability of the agrifood chain from Fork to Farm :

#1 : Concept and definition, regulatory framework : 11th of April

For this first episode we will deal with the notion of sustainability in its globality and introduce the different levels of thinking we need to have within an agri-food industry concerning GHG and water. 

#2 : Lever of actions and examples at Industry level : 25th of May

Some ideas we will deal with: 

#3 : Lever of actions and examples upstream in agriculture : 5th of September

Some ideas we will deal with: 


Antoine KLEIN 
Senior expert in Manufacturing Strategy & Performance, Energy Efficiency & Decarbonization at Mews

Partner at Mews partners, senior expert in industrial performance