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On 27 October 2022, the Polish cluster Unimos Alliance organised the first workshop dedicated to the Polish market. This workshop introduced the first roadshow, which will take place in December in Warsaw.

About the roadshow

The Polish roadshow is organised in the framework of the ClusterXchange programme, which supports exchanges in order to better connect Europe’s industrial ecosystems. Under this programme, SMEs, clusters, incubators, technical centres, research centres, universities… can benefit from travel support.

During the webinar, participants have had the chance to hear about the opportunities the Polish market has to offer, one of the most resilient economies in the EU. The agenda of the networking mission, which will take place from 6 to 8 December 2022 was also presented.

You missed the webinar but want to watch the replay? You’re in the right place!

Watch the replay and download the PowerPoint presentation:

Mission to Warsaw at a glance:

5 good reasons to go to Poland

Are you hesitating to go to Poland? We have listed 5 good reasons that might change your mind:

About Unimos Alliance

Unimos Alliance is a European cluster located in Warsaw, Poland. Created in 2015, it brings together clusters, companies and regions for business and strategic collaboration in different fields.

Unimos Alliance offers to create strategic alliances between private, academic, public and business support organisations at local, regional and international level.


Katarzyna Kowalska (UNIMOS Alliance) –

Published on Nov 03, 2022

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