Benefit from new services to be implemented at regional and interregional levels

One of the objectives of the AURORA project is the implementation of a portfolio of new services for clusters to offer to their members and other SMEs that contribute to the improvement of the Food Quality, Security and Authenticity of European agrofood systems. 

Portfolio of services to be implemented by the clusters will result from mapping and benchmarking activities led by AURORA project partners.  

Portofolio of new services to be implemented

After a deep analysis of the services on offer by each of the project partners and a benchmarking of the services deployed by similar organisation within their ecosystems, the AURORA partnership finally agreed on the following list of new services to be implement both at the cluster level and the consortium level.  

Here is below the list of selected services and brief description of how cluster members would benefit of it:  

Pilot services at the cluster level 

Pilot services at the consortium level

Partnership Speaker Service

It is about including a speaker from another country in the events that the AURORA partnership usually organises at cluster level to open mindsets on Europe and to give visibility to our members on the European scene. 

Radar Accelerator

Support actors ‘innovation projects enhancement (partners, infrastructures & funds) and is implemented at consortia level

It builds on partnership :  

The first step will consist in implementing these new services via a pilot scheme that is likely to commence in September 2022.